Go Through the Bible

Go Through the Bible with Art and Memory Work

For: Bible School, Kid's Club, Children's Church, Art classes and Home School.

Children: 5 years through 13 years!

Completion schedule: 2 years.

Written and illustrated by Janet L. Fennessey

Systematic: Genesis to Revelation!

Ready to Use: Ring Bound Teacher's Work Book, 198 pages,

Recently (Added 44 pages at the back for copying drawing pages for children.)

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Drawing Lessons: Drawing the ark.

If I tell my students that if they can draw a cube/box they can draw anything

Step 1: Draw a rectangle. Draw another one. Connect the points.


Step 2: Draw a triangle. Draw a box directly underneath it.


Step 3: Add triangles at the top and make a curved line down.


Baptist Church :_ Central Baptist Church of Paoli, IN

Southern Baptist Church:_ Southern Baptist Convention

*The Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old and New Testament, Edited by John F. Walvoord and Roy B. Zuck

Please feel free to contact the author/publisher at caseyfennessey@yahoo.com

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