Ways a Child Learns

The book and the above methods access the ways a child learns:

Visual: Seeing the drawings and writing/drawing in class.

Audio: Hearing as the story is told, memory work, etc.

Social: Group participation, fun, working together etc.

Tactile: The drawing involves muscle control touch, etc.

Each group can adapt appropriately to this curriculum which is straight from the scripture. Do not dumb it down for any age group. Let the Word dwell richly in each child and bear fruit as it is expected to do. Pray for each child to be saved. People who have taught this curriculum found themselves growing. It was obvious to others that they grew in their faith and devotion to the Lord. One group of students actually made books out of all the pictures they drew and saved them. One girl impressed her parents a lot when she went and got her book to win an argument over some fact in the Old Testament. She was actually discussing scripture with her parents, who were babes in the Lord.