How It Works

teacher with child

Teacher Preparation: (Theology section is for you!) You can use resource books that sum up Bible chapter. Commit to memory! Learn the scripture so you can re-tell it at the children's word level.

Memorize: For each Lesson, Verse, Words and Life Application.

Verse: Genesis 1:1 'In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth.'

Words: Beginnings

Memory Methods: Use 'popcorn',double time, triple time and erase a word, etc. Children have fun!

Memory Lists: Incorporate list entries as encountered in the lessons!

Books of the Bible

Linage of Christ, (Mary and Joseph)

Tribes of Israel/Jacob

Drawing Lesson:

Drawing paper:The last 44 page are the Master drawing Lesson for every class. Find your current session and run a copy for each child.

Plan Left Brain/Right Brain warm ups: to access Right Brain skills, (Look at first three lessons)!
Get as good as you can at these exercises and include a frustration maze if you can't draw what you want.
(Frustration maze: Doddling without lines crossing one another)
Draw the pictures for /with the children.
Children 5-13 years have completed this curriculum putting the basic doctrine of the Bible into a usable frame that can be used to add Bible knowledge the rest of their life.

Ways of Learning